With its 14,000 students, including almost 9,000 at the university, the campus welcomes many international students every year. 
La Rochelle University brings together a Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management (IAE), a Faculty of Science and Technology, a Faculty of Letters, Languages, Arts and Humanities and an IUT.
The International Relations Department is located in the Technoforum.
Unquestionably open to the international scene, both in terms of research and training, La Rochelle University welcomes, among its 8,700 students, about 1,000 foreign students of more than 90 different nationalities from all continents. Internationally renowned for its research and exchange programmes and for the quality of its teaching, it offers mobility programmes in Europe and in the countries of Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Africa.
Technoforum | 23 avenue Albert Einstein, La Rochelle - France | Tel +33 (0)5 46 45 91 14