Get a Buddy...get your best friend!

The Buddy System, what's that?
The Buddy System is first of all an online platform that offers the possibility to match international students coming to study in France with local students. This system was launched in 2013 by students from Lille (North of France) who had just finished their Erasmus experience. Supported then by the University of Lille, ESN France and the European Commission also decided to spread the Buddy System through as many local ESN sections as possible. Today, the Buddy System aims to reach 30 European countries and 300,000 students. Thus, the Buddy System is in partnership with more than 700 universities and is always looking to expand. Finally, we have more than 10,000 pairs created by the platform, with a total of about 145 different nationalities

Concerning La Rochelle, Justine, our Buddy Coordinator at ESN La Rochelle, is in charge of the platform. The values of the ESN network have always been the integration and social inclusion of new students during their year of mobility. 

The main objective of the Buddy system's development is first and foremost to give international students the opportunity to interact more easily with local students as well as to enrich themselves culturally. We hope to be capable of providing a quality welcome to international students, a welcome adapted to their needs


Why should I get a Buddy?


If you're on this page, it's probably because you're interested in having someone to help you during your mobility, right? Thanks to the Buddy System, we will find you a Buddy who can help you, but help you for what exactly?

enlightened Here are a few reasons that might help you realize how having a Buddy can be a real boost for the good progress of your mobility in France!

- Your Buddy can help you to fill out administrative documents to register in a bank, to get a French telephone subscription, etc..;

- You need to find accommodation in La Rochelle but you don't know how to do it? Your Buddy will be able to give you lots of tips, but also negotiate with the landlord for you!

- Do you want to find a job while you are in France? Your Buddy can give you websites with job offers, and he can also contact employers for you!

- Are you coming to France to discover the local culture and practice your French? What could be better than having a French Buddy to practice the language and share his/her culture with you?

- You just want to meet local students? Once again, your Buddy is here to facilitate exchanges with other locals and meet many more!


So, how does it work?

You can be assured that the process is really simple. The first step is to go to the online platform Once there, you only need 5 minutes to register by providing information about your profile (age, gender, place of study, date of arrival, date of departure, etc.). Then... well that's it!

Justine, the Buddy Coordinator of ESN La Rochelle, will take care of the rest! Indeed, Justine will manage to match you up with a local student who will also have registered on the platform! No worries, the match criteria are made thanks to an algorithm based on your expectations, languages, place of study, availability and all other criteria that you will have chosen, and that the local student will also have chosen!

Then, once Justine has matched you up with a student, all you have to do is simply get back in touch with your new Buddy, get to know each other and discover the events organised by ESN La Rochelle and the Buddy System platform over the year!


mail However, if you have any questions about the platform, remarks, worries, do not hesitate to contact Justine on her email, she will answer you with great pleasure!


Hope you will get a great Buddy and wish you the best during your mobility in France ! yes